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Island Bodyworks

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Pelvic Floor


  • What should I wear to my appointments?
    We will be stretching, exercising and working manually with you during your appointments. We suggest that you bring or wear athletic clothing or other clothing in which you are comfortable and can move without restriction. Please also make sure your clothing allows us to assess and evaluate your area(s) of injury. We suggest wearing sneakers or other closed-toed shoes that are comfortable and supportive. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • What should I bring with me to my appointments?
    On the first visit, please bring your insurance card and prescription (if you were referred to us by a doctor.) If your prescription is more than 30 days old, please call your physician and have them fax a script to our office at 773-3303.
  • What sets us apart from other PT offices?
    With our intimate setting, we really get to know our patients and develop personal connections with them. Because of this, our office is a warm, welcoming environment where we have fun - after all, laughter is the best medicine! Our therapists have decades of experience which allows them to create a program designed specifically for your body, your pain level and your tolerance.
  • What's Your Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellation must be made 24 hours PRIOR to your appointment. If your appointment is at 3pm on Tuesday you must cancel by 3pm Monday. This will allow us to fill the spot for another patient. A NO SHOW* OR SAME DAY CANCELLATION will result in a $15.00 cancellation fee. There will be no exceptions. If we can reschedule that visit for another day in the same week, we will certainly do our best to accommodate you, and the $15.00 fee will be waived. A private stretch session will be subject to a $25 fee for missed or cancelled appointment. 3 same day, no show appointments may result in being discharged for non-compliance. Thank you for supporting our small business.
  • What is the pelvic floor?
    The pelvic floor muscles are part of the inner unit core musculature. Specifically, they are a sling of muscles that attach from the pubic bone to the sacrum, supporting the bladder, uterus, and the rectum.
  • What is pelvic health physical therapy?
    Specialized physical therapy is indicated as the first line of defense for a range of pelvic floor dysfunctions. The research presented by the Crochrane Collaboration (2010) concluded that specialized training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, which specifically uses internal examination and treatment, should be considered prior to surgical consultation for symptoms of unusual urgency and mixed incontinence.
  • What causes pelvic floor dysfunction?
    Pelvic floor dysfunction is caused by weak or tight pelvic floor muscles, or some combination thereof. When these muscles are too weak (hypotonic), they contribute to incontinence and organ prolapse. When these muscles are too tight (hypertonic), they may cause pelvic pain or frequency of the bladder and/or bowels.

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Our Space

Childress Performance Fitness

As you progress through your rehabilitation, you will have the unique ability to also attend physical therapy sessions at our second location, Island BodyWorks North, located within the Childress Performance Center. Here, the therapist can advance your program to higher level strengthening, agility, mobility, return to sports and work tasks. This will allow you an amazing opportunity to transition to full recovery and health.

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